Booster is the brand to look for when you are in search of universal mobile phone accessories. We aim to be at the forefront of technology for mobile phones. Thus, we offer a wide assortment of extras to enhance your experience when using your mobile phone or your Smartphone.

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Tired of browsing for mobile phone accessories, only to learn that you need to be very specific about your phones make and model?  Look no further – all accessories from Booster (unless specifically mentioned) are universal to all makes and models. Just grab the style you fancy and it will fit your phone (or tablet).

Our primary focus is for people on the move. No matter if you are on a business trip or attending a festival or just gone south for the sun, our assortment will provide you with the extras you always wanted but couldn’t find. 

Imagine your phone is low on power and you are on the move and unable to charge your phone, as you are walking to the gate of your flight. No problem, just grab your Booster Power Bank, connect to your phone and charging commence instantly. You can even continue to charge your phone when airborne without violating any regulations. Your Power Bank will charge your phone anywhere from 1 to 4 times depending on its capacity. Simply recharge your Power Bank at the hotel or by using your lap-top whenever needed.

Or perhaps you would like to listen to your playlist music when at the hotel, camping, hiking or at the beach. Simply reach for your Booster Bluetooth Speaker, connect and enjoy high quality sound instantly.

We supply a large variety of other accessories such as Knitted Fashion Covers, Cleaning Kits, Units for streaming, Ear buds, Headphones and much more.  Follow the news on our website. We are constantly on the look for new ideas and we attend all the major fairs in US, Europe and the Far East to be at the forefront of technology. We offer competitive prices as we work directly with our factories in the Far East.  Likewise, we constantly have people on location at our factories to secure quality and compliance.

Booster is not sold via this webpage or to private individuals. Booster is a Wholesale company,

who sell our range to retail shops only. Hence, we provide the retail shops with elegant displays

to promote the Booster brand. Likewise, our packing is high-end packing in durable boxes to

protect your Booster item and to enhance the feeling of a high-end brand at affordable prices.

Ask for Booster at your local consumer electronic store.